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Congratulations! You just found the best source for music creation templates. Here at The Write Score we offer the most complete sets of tools to help you get up and running with your sample libraries … fast!

Instead of spending countless hours setting up your writing environment, it takes just a few minutes to place a few files on your hard drive and then you can immediately begin to compose your next masterpiece.

What is a template?

“A set of pre-configured support files for your writing environment that lends to ultra fast setup and almost immediate usability while facilitating your favorite sample library”.

The support files that make up our templates – each with their own custom set of instrument definitions – seamlessly bring your writing environment and sample libraries together. We believe that by using our templates, you’re getting the high-end performance of a brand new Formula 1 race car – without having to build it yourself. All you have to do is learn how to drive it.

I’ve felt guilty for purchasing the bundle because in having to do without it, I’ve been forced to do things the hard way and learn the inner workings of how things are done with the software. The guilt comes from having to explain to my wife that while I have the expertise (eventually) to do what is needed, your products will speed things along for me and I can start writing sooner.
—  Nelsen LeDoux, Music Consultant/Arranger

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If you are new to the world of predefined music creation templates, use this short learning guide to help you get headed in the write direction.

Template Overviews

Most people will get the information they need just by reading or watching one of these:

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Please note: The Write Score does NOT sell notation software (and other music creation software) or sample libraries. What we provide are support files that bring those two worlds together. Please read the Requirements tab of each product page to know what is needed in order to utilize that specific template.