Sibelius Bundle Builder

As we have been rebuilding our site, our Sibelius Bundle Builder isn’t quite ready. In the meantime, you can select from the individual Sibelius bundle packages below.

S7S-SE6-VDL Bundle: Everything we have that’s related to Sibelius with support for Sibelius 7 Sounds, Virtual Drumline, and Sibelius Essentials v6.

S7S-SE6 Bundle: Sibelius’ included libraries are covered in this one – both can be accessed simultaneously.

S7S-VDL Bundle: All your percussion needs with Virtual Drumline, the massive Sib 7 Sounds, and all the instrument definitions fully defined for you. Nice!

SE6-VDL Bundle: Still using VDL in Sibelius 6? Here’s the package for you.